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Sunday May 28th, 2017
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Coordinating Assistance to People with Disabilities

The Vietnamese National Coordinating Council on Disabilities (NCCD) aims to coordinate and promote government policies, programs and resources for people with disabilities. The NCCD includes 22 members representing key government ministries as well as members from the community of people with disabilities. VNAH played a major role in encouraging the Government to establish the NCCD and has been a strong supporter since its birth two years ago.

VNAH is now providing direct hands on assistance to the NCCD focused on helping the NCCD improve its strategic planning and to strengthen its capacity as the government coordinating body on disability policy.

Kathleen Blank, an expert in disability policy and strategic planning, will be working directly with the Director and staff of NCCD for the next month. She is advising NCCD not only on its own strategic planning efforts, but also on supporting council members from other ministries in establishing disability program priorities with two-year strategic plans, which identify specific activities, targets and indicators of achievement. Through more effective planning, the ministries’ disability programs will be geared from the outset to achieving specific and measurable results for people with disabilities. 



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