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Sunday May 28th, 2017
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Freeman Foundation: Heroic Efforts Continue

Thanks to a generous grant from the Freeman Foundation, VNAH worked with local governments and organizations over the last year to coordinate the delivery of more than 8,000 wheelchairs and prosthetics to amputees in rural districts of Vietnam.

In June of this year, the Freeman Foundation continued to support this important program that will enable VNAH to deliver many more thousands of specially designed, all-terrain wheelchairs to amputees in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. In addition to regular wheelchairs, in the coming months, VNAH will begin to deliver a uniquely designed, hand-operated tricycle and new folding wheelchairs to amputees.  VNAH is the only NGO in Vietnam to provide thousands of these valuable wheelchairs.

The sturdy, specially designed chairs enable users to travel at a faster speed and longer distance with more room for storage onboard.  These chairs are often used as a tool for generating income for the users — a mobile stall to sell daily newspapers, lottery tickets or handicrafts.

VNAH made a special effort to encourage and assist wheelchair manufacturers to employ and train people with disabilities in their manufacturing workforces. The workers with disabilities are not only industrious and punctual, they also provide valuable user input to improve the quality and design of the wheelchair production program. Improvement on design and quality control is an ongoing process as a part of the program.



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