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Sunday May 28th, 2017
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News Briefs

Draft Vocational Training Law includes provisions for people with disabilities
A final draft of the Vocational Training Law, currently at the Vietnamese National Assembly awaiting review, has an entire chapter, including six major provisions, geared toward helping people with disabilities. This is the result of the advocacy of a number of disabled people organizations, including the NCCD, CSA/NA, the Ministry of Justice and VNAH. The law is expected to be passed by the end of this year or early next year.

Prime Minister beefs up disability programs and policies
Earlier this year, the Prime Minister released a directive advising concerned ministries to step up efforts to assist people with disabilities. The directive emphasized efforts to finalize the National Action Plan on Disability (NAP), which includes plans for inclusive education and a new disability law. Following the Prime Minister's directive, various ministries have issued their own plans.

First cross-disability organization established
The Hanoi Disabled People Association, Vietnam's first cross-disability organization, was formally established in Hanoi this April. VNAH has supported the formation of the Hanoi Disabled People Association, which officially received its license after a year of waiting and advocacy. The association organized its first congress in April, with participation from more than 150 government and disability-related stakeholders and19 small and unregistered self-help groups. NCCD, VNAH and other organizations provided technical support to help establish this organization, which represents over 700 people with disabilities in the capital city.



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