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Thursday July 20th, 2017
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Outreach Missions Expand to Assist in Remote Rural Areas

Vietnam has one of the world's highest rates of disability per capita. It is estimated that there are some six million people with disabilities in Vietnam. Of those, over 1 million are mobility disabled and require an artificial limb, wheelchair or some other assistive device. However, it is also estimated that only about 20% of these have received prosthetics assistance.

To address these needs, since 1990, VNAH has coordinated the manufacture and delivery of prosthetics (limbs), orthotics (braces) and wheelchairs to Vietnamese in need. This assistance has been made possible with funding provided by the Leahy War Victims Fund, the Freeman Foundation and the Nippon Foundation, as well as from individual donations from the United States. During this past year, VNAH has coordinated and delivered 4,300 limbs/braces and 3,600 wheelchairs. Priority was given to the most severely disabled war victims and disabled children attending school.

Over the past fourteen years VNAH has:

  • Delivered over 70,000 prosthetic limbs and orthotic devices throughout Vietnam's sixty one provinces.
  • Distributed over 17,000 wheelchairs that are produced almost entirely from locally available materials. The Wheelchair Program continues to receive generous support from the Freeman Foundation. Priority recipients have been war victims, double amputees, youth crippled by polio and other severely disabled people.
  • Given priority to assisting those war and landmine victims most in need of these services in rural areas.
  • Provided regular follow-up to patients to assure the proper fit of the new prosthetic device and the patient's understanding and adjustment to it.
  • Provided technical assistance and training to Vietnamese government production and rehabilitation facilities staff resulting in improved assistive devices.



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