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Sunday May 28th, 2017
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Overcoming Barriers

VNAH has entered an agreement with the Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture to provide technical assistance and training to the Ministry of Construction (MOC) and the Hanoi Architectural University (HAU) in the implementation and enforcement of Vietnam’s new Barrier-free Access Code and Standards.

CMU will assist the Ministry of Construction set up  mechanisms for the enforcement of barrier-free code and standards at the national at regional levels as well as provide hands on training to the relevant staff of the MOC. In addition, a program to train a group of 15-20 MOC engineers/architects will be designed and organized with technical assistance from CMU and support from VNAH. These engineers/architects will become national trainers in the implementation and enforcement of barrier-free code and standards.

Since May 2002, VNAH has cooperated with MOC and HAU to develop curriculum on barrier-free design for architectural students. CMU will continue these efforts by working with HAU in the detailing of an appropriate curriculum for HAU students in barrier-free access design. This stage will involve finalizing and field testing the draft curriculum as well as helping to train the teaching staff of the University.



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