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Sunday May 28th, 2017
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VNAH/HealthEd Support Corrective Surgery for Children

VNAH/HealthEd has increased its technical support to regional rehabilitation centers and hospitals to perform corrective surgery on disabled children. Over the past few years, VNAH/ HealthEd has provided financial and technical assistance from the Mekong Delta to the Central Highlands to restore mobility for several hundred disabled children, most of whom were born with a deformity or suffered from polio.

The activity was added as an extension to VNAH's prosthetics and orthotics outreach program. VNAH coordinates and organizes hundreds of outreach missions to deliver prosthetic/ orthotics assistance and wheelchairs to rural areas in Vietnam. According to VNAH's President Ca Van Tran, "At a typical outreach mission, several mothers would show up, carrying their disabled children and asking us for help. We just couldn't turn them away." Although VNAH's ongoing program is focused on production and delivery of prostheses and wheelchairs, we are now able to provide assistance to these children with corrective surgery in hopes that they won't need to depend on prostheses or wheelchairs.



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