VNAH's DIRECT Project Summary of Results to Date

Sunday, October 11, 2020

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Expected results (annual targets) Progress during reporting quarter
✔ 2,100 persons with disabilities will have received direct assistance (this includes new and existing beneficiaries that need follow ups in three target provinces). ✔ Total 1,213 persons with disabilities received direct services, of which 251 are new beneficiaries, exceeded the target by 25%.  
✔ At least 75% of beneficiaries demonstrated improvement in ADL ✔ This indicator will be reported in Q4, as planned.  
✔ Increases in OT services at new rehab units in Tay Ninh and Binh Phuoc. ✔ This indicator will be reported in Q4, as planned.  
✔ At least 10% increase in number of clients served at rehab units in Tay Ninh and Binh Phuoc ✔ This indicator will be reported in Q4, as planned.  
✔ 1,431 service providers and caregivers (including rehab workers) trained to support persons with disabilities ✔ 958 SP were trained including:
- 33 rehab practitioners in Dong Nai trained in usage of wheel chair, coaching/mentoring on rehab techniques (PT and OT services);
- 191 service providers in Dong Nai trained in DIS.
- 490 service providers in Binh Phuoc trained in Circular 01.
- 244 service providers and caregivers in Dong Nai and Tay Ninh trained in GE/GBV (22 TOT trainees, 91 service providers and 131 caregivers).
✔ 10 new policies, procedures developed and/or drafted, including: 1) the revised LET with provisions on rehabilitation, 2) the national rehab strategy, 3) the standard/MOH recommended rehab medical record, 4) package of standard rehab services as part of primary health care package, 5) a set of technical procedures and costs for rehab services (costs for 50-60 techniques, and procedures for 40 services), 6) the MOLISA action plan for sectorial rehabilitation, 7) the decree on social work services, and 8,9,10) three provincial action plans for rehabilitation. ✔ 12 policies were supported, including:
- Four policies completed/approved (Circular for Medical Doctor to prescribe rehab; Binh Phuoc, Tay Ninh and Dong Nai provincial rehab plan)
- Six policies drafted and pending approval (revised LET, Social work Decree, national rehab medical record, Circular on rehab service within primary healthcare package, a list of 55 additional OT/ST services/techniques; MOLISA sector rehab plan).
- Two policies are in process (revised Circular 46, national rehab strategy)
✔ 38 local organizations supported in capacity building (of which, all 26 rehab units and 3 VAVA/disabled centers show improvements in rehab and disability services capacity; while 8 organizations: MOH, MOLISA, DOHs (3), DOLISA/PCD (2) and VAVA (1) show improvements in new policy/plans/systems serving the disabled ✔ 38/38 organizations are being supported, including:
- 27 rehab units in Binh Phuoc, Tay Ninh and Dong Nai provinces
- 3 VAVA and Disabled Children centers
- 3 DOHs
- MOH and MOLISA and Central VAVA(3)

Lists below are links to media products covered the project’s activities in Dong Nai during this quarter.

1) DIS training for district and commune health workers of Bien Hoa, Long Khanh, Cam My, Dinh Quan and Tan Phu (12-15 May 2020).
- Bao Dong Nai Online Newspaper:

2) Clinical Examination and Therapy in Vĩnh Cửu (19-22 May 2020):
- Dong Nai Television:

3) Provision of Assistive Device Delivery in May:
- Cam My district health center official website/facebook:

4) TOT Gender Training (26-29 May):
- Dong Nai Television: (26 May)
- Bao Dong Nai Online Newspaper (30 May):

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